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Staci has changed my life in so many ways. She is one of the most authentic, real, funny, caring and dependable human beings ever. She is driven by the joy that she feels when she helps other people live their dreams and achieve things that they didn't believe possible. She cares deeply and is not afraid to have direct, loving conversations that remind me to embrace my power and live my best life. She is practical and real and helps me to quiet the noise in my life and to really focus in on what matters - and always helps me adjust my mindset to see the good in every person and situation. She believes in the magic and potential in everyone and is passionate about guiding people to see it themselves. I have the utmost respect for Staci as a friend, mentor, life-changer. She is truly a gift.

Kari S.

Staci has an amazing gift of focusing in on what you need... She is talented in offering direct feedback in a way that builds enthusiasm to try new things and get out of stuck mode. Staci delivers tools and strategies efficiently... keeping you focused on implementation to move towards your goals. The only better thing than participating in one of her online groups or coaching would be to have her right in my home! Staci has contributed to my growth and success over the past two years. As a busy mom of two teenage boys, the value of her coaching pays off for my family daily... her strategies and mindshifting get us out the door and through our busy days each week! The best gift I gave myself was letting Staci guide my overwhelm into clarity and productivity.

Margo A.

As a busy mom who travels weekly, this is exactly what I needed. It is exactly what our family needed.After having our first call with Staci, I was filled with calm excitement. I could finally breathe with ease knowing she could help us live our best life! She listened to the needs of our family dynamic, what stressed each of us out and what we really wanted life to loo like. It honestly felt empowering and freeing at the same time.  I have implemented her recommendations and continue to lean on it all.

Andrea P

Working with Staci is like taking a mini vacation every day! I look forward to our talks and group chats so much. There is something very calming about Staci and her process, that once you start working with her you already feel at ease. She equips me with effective tools which allow me to realize I am in control of how I feel rather than the other way around.

Debbie F.

I have worked a number of times with Staci and she delivers!   She is a great listener.  She is able to help me find out where I am “stuck” and provides guidance to change a few simple thoughts/action that help me to make the needed shifts.  The energy and kindness that Staci brings to any interaction is contagious.  I highly recommend working with her!

Cathie T.

Working with Staci has changed the way I handle things everyday. She has given me priceless tips and tools that fit specifically for our family while maximizing our 3 kids independence. She is the real-deal. Staci rolls up her sleeves and walks with you every step of the way. I am a different person since working with Staci. Our family will be forever grateful for her help and guidence.

Tracy R.

When I worked with Staci, I was at a low point. Over stressed, over worked, over exhausted and was not able to show up for my family.  Staci gave me tools to organize my life, take control of my schedule, stay present and positive -  even schedule in some me time. Thank you Staci for helping me to become a more calm, involved, scheduled, happy Mama and wife!

Nikki H.

I was completely scattered and Staci helped enormously by creating guided steps for me to follow so I could walk in the direction of my goals. I found it was simple to follow (not always easy because it included a deep dive) but took the guess work out! This allowed me to concentrate on my plan and address what was getting in the way of a greater, more fulfilled life. Staci believed in me when I had given up on myself! She is beyond wonderful, and a determined change agent who is ready to help - but I had to rise up to meet her determination! She challenged me to change and I am forever grateful!

Mary S.

Staci helped me after my daughter was very sick.  She helped me learn how to shift my mind when things got crazy in my life. Finding time to just breathe even if it was only 1 min. I continue to use the tool I learned. I breathe and take in the moment that is in front of me.

Connie D.

Staci is your biggest fan, tell-it-like-it-is and demand-nothing-less-of-you kind of girl. Trust me when I say that she is the one who is calm and patient yet determined to help you.  She’s fierce, sassy and every girl’s best friend.  She shows up and executes.

Tavia R.

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